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Mankon - Bamenda, Cameroon

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A world where the rights & dignity of the underprivilege are met


Our Vision

We envisage communities in which women, men, youths and children can claim/exercise their; Health economic, civil and social rights, so as to live dignified and fulfilling lives.

About Mother Jane Foundation

We engage in meaningful actions that leaves no one behind in ensuring children (boys and girls) as well as their parents meet their health needs.

Our Mission

MJ Legacy Foundation seeks to provide better health assistance, education, psychosocial support economic empowerment, and agriculture to the poor and underprivileged children.

Mother Jane Legacy

Mother Jane is a Mother of all children with a legacy of finding, raising, and providing for those who are in need.

Health Problems

Coupled with the ongoing Anglophone crisis, many rural areas / conflict-hit zones have no health facilities.

Well Being

The impact of the crisis has caused many to lose their Jobs and everyone has turned to farm as the last resort.


Going to school becomes impossible for some people.

We are tender heart MJL Foundation


The charitable foundation is created by people who know from their own experience about life’s difficulties. We want to return faith in good and give hope to those in need.

We use rights-based approaches to development to promote women/men/boys/girls' health, human rights, and livelihoods in inclusive and environmentally conscious, and friendly ways with a recognition of the importance of the intersection of multiple inequalities based on the intersection of the different positions that women and girls, as well as men and boys, hold in relation to gender, ethnicity, class, and other social categories.

We work together! We listen. We advice.


Our Vision

A world where the rights and dignity of underprivileged children are met.

Be of help to the helpless.

Our Mission and Goals

The charitable foundation is created by people who know from their own experience about life’s difficulties. We want to return faith in good and give hope to those in need.


With greater funding resources, Our target is to visit rural communities and provide the following with the team.

1. Consultations
2. Laboratory investigations
3. Medications
4. Counselling
5. Health awareness campaigns
6. Surgeries


Every child should be provided a platform to study. With sufficient funding, we will be able to provide their Fee, and all educational material needed.


To further ensure that children can sustain themselves we will provide agricultural materials to those who;

1. Are above age to go to school
2. Children that can go to school and work at the same time

Psychosocial Support/Counseling

Due to the impact of the ongoing crisis in our community, there is need of psychosocial support to integrate the affected back into the society.


Join us to bring help to the needy.

Send your Details.

You can help out in your own way. Join our team of volunteers to bring the help that these children need.

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